6 thoughts on “San Pedro de Atacama

      1. Oooh are you using the white, silver or black? I’m looking at buying a GoPro Hero3 but unsure on which edition. Any suggestions?

      2. Good decision on the gopro purchase. We have the silver edition which is perfect for us as it has better image quality than the white and stacks up to the black for $100 less. However if the remote and other shooting modes like continuous shooting and 30 shots in one second (silver does 10) is what you need, then go for the black. Make sure to get a red eye filter if doing any diving, took me a couple of goes to figure that out…

      3. Okay great – I was between the white and the silver, but by the sounds of it – $100 more isn’t too much for the difference in quality. Is there an option to allow you to change between wide angle mode and normal? Thanks for the advice!

      4. Yeah the extra $$ probably isn’t worth it. Unfortunately it doesn’t have that option, that being said we really enjoy the wide angle shots as it captures everything in that the 550d doesn’t (we don’t have the right lens for it..). No probs, enjoy the gopro!

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