Helsinki, Finland


2 thoughts on “Helsinki

  1. Wow, you guys. We fly to Helsinki 3rd September. Interestingly, shortest route from Cairns via Hong Kong. Then Stockholm , Oslo, and onto Bergen and going on the Hurtigruten cruise up Norway Fiords, then over to Scotland for a week, the Tokyo (a fave spot).32 nights. …yeah! Any tips? And hope you both are well and having fun x x 💕

    1. Hi Jen! Hope you and Lex are both well! Helsinki was a bit of a ghost town when we were there because it was over Christmas, but still really nice to explore. Definitely recommend going to a Finnish sauna… just be warned the norm is to be stark naked. Your trip sounds great – very jealous, we can’t wait to get back to Tokyo! Say hi to everyone back at home for us xoxo

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